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I have never understood why people don`t eat ice cream in winter? In my opinion there`s nothing better than a delicious ice cream even in freezing temperatures, but unfortunately winter means that many gelaterias close in Spain. So, in San Sebastian I had to settle for the town`s second best ice cream place.

Luckily it was a good number two. Arnoldo came up in second place when I googled best ice cream in San Sebastian, but it could easily be number one. This place is just a block away from the old town and the boulevard that seperates the new and the old town, but it was still busy on a sunday afternoon in january.

I noticed a sing telling me that Arnoldo have done homemade italian ice cream since 1935, and they clearly know what they are doing. I got my usual fix of two scoops for 2,90 euros, a decent price in a pricey part of Spain. The flavours are listed on a board behind the counter and there were several to choose from. Maybe not the most exciting selection, but again: what can you expect in winter?

Arnoldo has several seats inside, and is also a normal cafe with coffee and lunch, probably also alcohol which is common in Spain. There are just a few chairs outside, but they were empty as the temperature was just above freezing. Actually it was not that bad in the sun.

I said this place was number two on the list. The first place on the google web search goes to Gelateria Boulevard, which was closed. They will probably open again later, but I did not see a sign saying when. Since I have never been to this place I can`t tell you which one is the best place for ice cream in San Sebastian, but Arnoldo is definitely good enough.

San Sebastian is a beautiful basque city in Northern Spain, also called Donostia in Basque. Long sandy beaches in the city centre are surrounded by majestic mountains and the city has a charming old town and several nice newer parts. San Sebastian is close to the french border, about six hours by train from both Madrid, Barcelona and Paris.

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