A great find in Barcelona

17.01.2017 - Kyrre Dahl- Follow this blog on Facebook

Even in january, ice cream is a must. On a recent visit to the old town in Barcelona I found this place, Farggi. I think it is part of a chain, but the ice cream was great and they have indoor seating!

Indoor seating is not important in summer, but winter can be cold in Catalonia, snow are not uncommen in Barcelona. 10 degrees C is more normal in january, but it still is a little bit too cold to sit outside, so that`s why a few seats and tables inside makes for a big plus.

It is also nice to see the modern look of things. This is quite typical for the area and Barcelona in general. You can really feel that the spanish economy is picking up just by walking through the streets. This place is in Born, a relaxed part of Old Town Barcelona, not far from the Franca Railway Station

The ice cream at Farggi was good, I especially liked the cheesecake flavour with real strawberries. Although the strawberries was frozen a bit too much, this is not strawberry season, so fresh ones are not really an option. So the only downside was the price, 3,50 for two scoops of ice cream is not cheap.

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