The Economy in Spain and Ice Cream

17.01.2017 - Kyrre Dahl- Follow this blog on Facebook

Happy New Year, everyone! I have spent the last month in the Canary Islands and I was surprised to see several new ice cream places in both Tenerife and Gran Canaria. It actually says a lot about the spanish economy at the moment.

It is obvious that the spanish economy is booming, and it is visible in the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz. Before christmas I noticed a newly opened shop or cafè almost every day. Among them, several ice cream places and some have home made ice cream, like this new place close to Plaza Espana. Look for Helados Artesanos, meaning homemade ice cream.

Gran Canaria has also gotten several new ice cream shops. This picture is taken in Vecindario, but Dulce Amore also has a shop on the beach front in Arguineguin. Opened just last year and there may be more of them on the island. They serve decent portions of ice cream for a reasonable price. The outlet in Vecindario`s main street, Avenida da Canarias, was very popular among the locals.

My favourite, Mio Gelato, is still going strong, with long queues on some days before christmas, but they still manage to serve people quikly and with a smile. And this is real gelato, which to me is better than normal spanish ice cream, although that is a matter of taste. Mio also has daily or weekly new and sometimes funny flavours, so it is an exciting place. It is hidden away from the tourist area, in Calle el Pilar, just a block from Plaza del Principe.

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