Soft Ice Heaven in Nora, Sweden

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Nora is a charming small town in the middle of Sweden, known for its wooden houses, mining history and heritage railway. But, the quaint town also has an interesting ice cream factory and shop, Nora Glass.

You can`t visit Nora without tasting the ice cream at Nora Glass. This is nothing like italian gelato or anything like a german ice cream cafè. This is nordic style soft ice cream, or mjukglass in swedish. That of course means all the ice cream is soft, not hard.

Soft Ice is not unusual in other countries, but it is everywhere in the nordic countries during summer. Usually sold from machines placed in small shops which normally sells hot dogs, in Nora this is very different. Nora glass has its own factory just outside the town centre.

And it is sold like a true ice cream bar, with a choice of flavours and toppings, made especially for each customer. You can make your own ice cream cup or you can choose one of the recommended cups. I chose a jubilee cup for SKR 55, which is around 5, 50 euros. Considering one normal soft ice sells for 3 to 4 euros this is almost a bargain. Remember Sweden is an expensive country.

This is a takeaway, but there are plenty of benches on the square where Nora Glass is located. Well, Nora is a small town, so there is only one square. Look for the long line and you can`t really miss it. It is open every day in summer, I am not sure what happens in winter, but swedes and norwegians usually don`t eat much ice cream in winter, anyway. Freezing temperatures for 5 months might be a reason.

Nora is easily reached by bus from Örebro, which is just two hours by train from the sweidsh capital and has good train connections to both Gothenburg and Stockholm. For Karlstad and Oslo there are direct express buses from Örebro, which in itself is a nice mid sized swedish town.

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