Ice Cream by the river in Torun

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Torun is a unique ancient city in Poland and like Cracow it was not destroyed by world war two. The old town is spectacular and shouldn`t be missed. But there are also things happening at the riverside.

The river Vistula (Wisla) is becoming large in Torun, after swirling through cities like Warsaw and Cracow. The skyline is best admired from the other side or on the bridge between the main railway station and the city centre ( the first picture )

The riverside in Torun offers not only nice scenery, but also river cruises and several restaurant ships that are permanently docked. There is also something that looks like part of bridge. It is a newish constructin which shows you where the old bridge used to be, and if you look closely it would have lead straight to the main gate of the old town. Actually this bridge would be a much more direct route between the city and the railway station, so hopefully they build a new one, one day.

And of course you can get ice cream here. A warning though, the queues might be long! But it is worth it, the ice cream is good and the price is alright. There were only a few flavours available which usually menans quality and it was.

That said, sitting at the riverside watching the boats and people can make almost any ice cream good. There are several seats available and that is a big plus. I am sorry I did not understand the name of the place, I only saw Lody ( polish for ice cream ), but there was only one ice cream shop by the river, so look for the strange tower and you will see ut. It is probably only open in summer.

Torun has no airpot, but there are numerous flights to many European cities from the two airports in Warsaw. The train system in Poland is now good and there good connections to cities like Gdansk, Poznan og Bydgosz. There are trams in Torun, but the city centre is walkable. Only drawback is the 2 kilometer walk from the main train station to town over a busy bridge and there is only one. Try to use Torun Miasto instead, which is on the city side but sees fewer trains than Torun Glowny.

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