Natural Ice Cream in Warsaw

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Warsaw ( Warszawa ) might not be the prettiest of towns, but it is quite funky when it comes to ice cream. Poles love ice cream and there are numerous ice cream parlours in the capital, one of them is Sucre, which promises natural ice cream.

You will find this hole-in-the-wall shop on the charming Plac Zbawiciela, 15 minutes walk from the old town. This is obviously a takeaway-only kind of place, but there are benches in the square. The price is reasonable, like most things that are not on the tourist trail.

I read about this place in where Sucre’s Mikołaj Paszkowski explains that You will find additives, stabilizers, emulsifiers and all other kinds of chemical substances in most supermarket ice cream, and also in many ice cream parlours. Not so in Sucre, where everything is natural.

- We wanted to avoid that which meant searching out the right recipes, ingredients and technology. Away from the technical side, natural ice cream doesn’t last anywhere near as long as the other stuff because it lacks all of these artificial extras. That means we have to sell what we make – and quick!, says Paszkowski

I have of course tried this myself and the verdict? It tastes differently than most other ice cream, but you can feel that is more natural and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. After the first surprising taste it is actually very good! That it feels modern og more healthy is also a plus. I also tried the old ice cream bar on the other side of the street, Corso, which looks like it has been around since communist times. It was cheaper, but it didn`t taste as good as Sucre

There are numerous flights to many European cities from the two airports in Warsaw. The train system in Poland is now good with high speed trains going to cities like Krakow, Poznan and Gdansk. International connections are available to Berlin, Prague, Vienna and even Moscow!

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