Best Ice Cream Deal In Cracow

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Krakow (Cracow in English) is one of Europe`s most beautiful cities and its attractions are already well known. But, where do you go for good ice cream? Follow the locals!

Strangely enough the best ice cream in Krakow is also the cheapest. That`s because you won`t find it in the old town or in any of the other tourist attractions. It is however not that difficult to find and close to Kazimierz. The name of the place is (take a deep breath..) Pracownia Cukiernicza, but it`s a lot easier to look for a sign saying LODY on Starowislna. This street name means old Vistula river and it now is an important tram route.

Then just look for the crowds! On a summer day the lines will be long and easy to spot. There are no shortcuts but the service is quick and it shouldn`t take more than 10 minutes even when the line seems to be half a block long.

This is a real ice cream place with the ice in containers and not on display. That is much better for the quality, and the ice cream tastes freshier and is held at the exact right temperature. The flavours on offer are displayed on a board and changes daily. Luckily it is also in English ( or almost English ).

You just shout out what you want and please try it in Polish, as not all understands English well. The price is just 2,80 zloty for one scoop, thats`s 60 eurocents. It is much more expensive in the old town and not necessarily better, although you can find decent ice cream in other parts of Krakow as well.

Krakow has lots of international connections by plane to most countries in Europa. There is a good service to Warsaw and some other polish cities. At the moment the train service westwards is hopelessly slow, so it is better to catch a bus to Katowice, several every hour, and from there you can find trains to Vienna, Budapest and Prague. The bus does the trip to Katowice in less than an hour, the trains uses 2 hours or more and there are just a few trains a day.

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