Graz, Charming Austrian City

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Austria is a country which as a lot to offer, beautiful mountain landscapes and charming cities like Graz. And the proximity to Italy means there`s almost good ice cream to be bought.

The weather was not on my side during a short visit to Graz, a city in Southern Austria, not far from the border with Slovenia. Graz is a typical pretty Austrian city with an old town full av historic buildings surrounded by green hills. The old town is charming even when it rains

I was only able to do a quick walk through the old town before the rain started again, but I could clearly see that it was full of cafe`s and outdoor restaurants and there were lots of people everywhere in spite of the sky threatening to soak everyone at any time.

It is easy to get around the city centre, by foot or by tram. There are several tram lines going fram the old town to the main train station, Hauptbahnhof, where the tram stop is under the station building. It is in itself an interesting building, newly rehabilitated.

About halfway between the train station and the old town I found this ice cream place, Gelateria Italiana by Luis. It serves good ice cream for a decent price and there`s lots of seats both inside and outside. Again the weather was not the best, but I guess these outdoor seats are popular in the sun.

There are hourly trains to Vienna (Wien), and you can get tickets for as low as 9 euros on the website. Every two hours the train continues to Prague (Praha). There are also trains to Salzburg, Linz and Innsbruck, but Klagenfurt is best reached by bus from outside the station. There are also daily trains to Zagreb and Lljubljana.

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