Bellinzona, Almost Italy

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Switzerland is a remarkable country. After spending several days in the german speaking and the french speaking districts I have finally arrived in Bellinzona, the capital of the italian speaking region of Switzerland. And it does feel like Italy, even the ice cream

Italy is famous for ice cream or more correctly gelato and that`s exactly what you get at Gelateria Veneta in the main square of Bellinzona. The taste was italian, but more surprisingly so was the price. Just over 2 euros for two scoops of ice cream is half the price compared to the german speaking parts of Switzerland, and more typical of Italy.

To be fair, the comparison was a sit down place against a takeaway, but this is the first time, ever, I have thought something was cheap in Switzerland. There are no seats at Veneta, but there are some benches on the square. It was a hot summer afternoon in Bellinzona and there was a steady flow of people wanting ice cream, but the town isn`t that big, so I was served quickly.

A walking tour of Bellinzona is recommended. There are 3 castles in this town and they are all inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List. Two of them are in the city centre, as you can see on the picture below the last one is a bit further away. The picture is taken from one of the castles, offering great views of the town and the landscape. The Gelateria is next to the cathedral in the middle of the picture.

Bellinzona is a charming italian-style town with lots of old buildings and a lot of narrow and winding streets. That said, the centre is small and compact and easily walkable.

There are lots of trains from Bellinzona to Zürich and Basel, both intercity and regional trains. There are also trains to Milan and local trains to other towns in the italian speaking region in Switzerland, like Locarno and Lugano. The closest airport is probably in Milan or Zurich.

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