A quick pitstop in Baden

27.07.2016 - Kyrre Dahl- Follow this blog on Facebook

Pretty and expensive. That`s my first impression of the town Baden, the country Switzerland and their ice cream. I was on a train journey when I decided to make a quick stop in Baden to check out some local ice cream.

And my experience in Baden pretty much sums up my experience in Switzerland. Everything is clean, beautiful and mildly boring, but the ice cream, as most things, are incredibly expensive, at least in the german speaking parts of the country.

Baden is a name you might have heard of, but that`s probably Baden-Baden in Germany you are thinking of. Actually it is not that far away and the meaning of the names are the same, Baden means Bath or Spa Town. I did not check out the baths, but I can recommend a walk through the old town.

The Old Town is not that big, just a few blocks really, but it has all the charms you expect of an old medieval city centre, including an impressive city gate, a cathedral and many old and charming buildings. The old town and new town are next to each other high above the river.

Baden is about half way between Zürich and Basel on what is now a local railway line. If this is your first stop in a small Swiss town you will probably be impressed. I was a bit disappointed, but then again I have already seen several Swiss towns. They are all neat and clean and old, and it gets mildly boring after a while.

I did not find a dedicated ice cream cafè in Baden. I have to admit that I did`nt check every street, it was so hot that when I found cafè Himmel, I just sat down. 29 degrees and sunshine, and this was the only vacant table outside. I knew they hade ice cream but I knew nothing about the prices. 4,50 Sfr for a scoop of ice cream is very expensive. It is close to 4 euros, eg. 4 times as expensive as Austria.

That said, I have eaten more expensive ice cream. Sfr 4,50 for a cup of black coffee is also steep, but normal in this part of the world. But, as always in Switzerland, it might be pricey, but it is always good quality. The sorbet had just the right taste, so not too bad. Just remember to sell your car before you travel, so you can afford more than one scoop of ice cream in Switzerland.

The Swiss train system is excellent, I would say the best in Europe. There are numerous trains from Baden to both Zûrich and Basel, at least two every hour. There are also lots of trains to other destinations. The nearest airport is in Zürich and some trains go directly to the airport. The train station is in the city centre, just a block away from cafe Himmel. Just walk out of the train and you are in the centre, perfect!

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