Salzburg, More Than Mozart

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Salzburg in Austria is a popular tourist destination, but the huge crowds doesn`t destroy the charm of the old town. And, there is surprisingly cheap ice cream!

This is the birth town of the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Salzburg exploits this in every possible way. You will of course find his birth place and other places that are actually connected to him, but on every corner you will also find a Mozart gift, Mozart cake and pretty much anything you can put Mozart in front of.

That said, Salzburg is still a charming city despite of the Mozartomania. The old town has an abundance of old and interesting buildings in narrow and curvy streets. Most people only see the Altstadt (old town), but if you walk across the river the old style continues, without the crowds. And the riverbanks has been turned into long promenades perfect for walking or relaxing. There`s even a market by the river. And of course the castle on top of the hill.

If you ask people where to find the best ice cream in Salzburg, two places seem to pop up most often. Eiszeit in the new part of town and Eisgrotte, which has several shops, one of them in the old town. I was surprised to discover that this place, although surrounded by tourists, make very good ice cream for a cheap price. Just 1 euro pr. scoop for takeaway ice cream is a bargain, especially in a city that is full of overpriced Mozart stuff.

Eisgrotte clearly also caters for the locals, as I did not see any particular touristy Mozart theme. The lines can be long, but still the service is quick. There are no seats outside in the sun, but there is a cafe service inside. Please note that you can not buy takeaway ice cream at the counter and sit down, there is a separate menu for the cafe, that includes spaghetti ice cream and much more. Prices are of course higher, but still not bad considering the location.

I thought the ice cream was good, but it melted away a bit too quickly for a perfect score. The atmosphere inside is very chaotic on a busy day, but it is worse outside on the streets. I have no problem recommending the ice cream at Eisgrotte. Good ice cream for a decent price. You can find it in Getreidegasse, which is one of the main streets, a few minutes from Mozart Geburtshaus, the birth place of the composer. See more: There is another Eisgrotte close to Mirabell gardens.

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