The Only Reason To Go To Fuengirola

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Fuengirola is a place full of noisy sunlovin tourists that could be anywhere on the Mediterrean coast. But, the city actually has a great ice cream place, Tita Fina, which caters to the locals more than the tourists.

There are lots of cities along the Costa del Sol that is completely occupied by tourists. Fuengirola is estethically one of the worst of these cities, it has no charm whatsoever. It probably helps to be drunk or lying flat on a sunbed all day, which sums up 90 % of the tourists that come here.

Luckily, Fuengirola has a great ice cream place, which is situated away from the tourist area. Actually it lies in a neighbourhood where you mostly find locals and of course Tita Fina will have to produce good ice cream to attract the locals, and they do. The prices are also reasonable, at 2,50 for 2 scoops of ice cream. For about the same price you can buy terrible ice cream on the beachfront.

There are dosens of flavours to choose from and everything I tried was good to excellent. There are also several seats and tables both inside and outside. The place even looks trendy and almost too modern for this rather dull neighbourhood, so what a find! I could easily go to Fuengirola just to have ice cream at Tita Fina, but if you want another reason, it has to be the Miramar.

Miramar is a large shopping centre to the west of Fuengirola, with lots of shops, cafes and restaurants. The interior is nice with palms lining the main avenue. There are lots of parking spaces and there are local buses stopping outside.

The reason why I mention Miramar is that I have yet to find a good shopping centre in Malaga. Miramar is by far the most inviting of centres in the area. Although it attracts some strange visitors, I was surprised to see a father walking through the shopping centre with his teen age daughter wearing nothing but a bikini. Obviously tourists, as spaniards would never walk around like that. But, it tells a lot about what kind of place Fuengirola is.

Tita Fina is a little bit hard to find, but from the railway station you can just walk up Avenida de Mijas for 10-15 minutes, away from the beach. The Miramar complex is at the bottom left corner of the map. You can see Parque Comercial Miramar which is not the most interesting part, Centro Comercial Miramar is just on the other side of Decathlon, outside the actual map ( sorry for that, but there was no other way to give you both Tita Fina and Miramar in the same map!)

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