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20.06.2016 - Kyrre Dahl- Follow on Facebook

Berlin is the ice cream capital of an ice cream loving nation. There are hundreds of great ice cream bars and cafes in Germanys capital. Here are three of my favourites.

If you google "best ice cream in Berlin" this place pops up several times, and for good reason. Hokey Pokey calls it self Eispatisserie (ice cream bakery) and makes excellent ice cream with creative taste combinations. What about caramelized banana with chocolate brownie, chocolate and rum? Thats just one flavour!

the "Hokey Pokey" flavour is vanilla with crispy caramellbits. Combine these two together and the taste explodes in your mouth. Needless to say Hokey Pokey is popular and expect queues at any time of the year. The only downside is that it`s a little pricey at 1,80 euros pr. scoop. Adress: Stargarder strasse 73 in Prenzlauer Berg. Almost no seating and none outside.

The next one is my personal favourite, Viktoria Eis. The ice cream is good, plentiful and relatively cheap. Last year they charged only 2 euros for 2 gigantic scoops of excellent ice cream. This year the price has gone up to 1,20 euros pr. scoop, but it is still reasonable. The cups are still huge and they have many flavours to choose from.

Viktoria Eis gets extremely busy on sunny days, with dosens of people waiting and the queue might stretch almost around the corner. Saying this place is popular is an understatement. In addition to takeaway ice cream, they also have a cafe inside, serving coffee, ice cream cups and more normal food, as you would expect in a cafe.

The ice cream cups are of the typical german type, with lots of fruits. Last year the price was 6 euros, this year it`s 7 euros (cafe price, but the strawberry cup is one of the best I have ever had, so I think it is worth the slightly expensive price. You can find Viktoria Eis at Viktoria-Luise-Platz, 10 minutes walk from KaDeWe, but a world away from the tourist scene.

The third tip is Waffel und Becher, loosely translated to Waffles and Ice Cream. Their speciality is belgian wafles and some funny ice cream combinations. It is situated almost halfway between Alexanderplatz and Hackescher Markt if you follow the tram line and has several seats outside. I have tried the Banana Chrunchy Peanut Cup, that gives you a teaser of the combinations.

Waffel and ice cream is a good combination for 4,90 euros. You can choose what kind of ice cream you want to top the waffel. A scoop of ice cream for takeaway costs 1.50 euros. Funny place with nice staff and free wifi! The adress is Spandauer Strasse 2.

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