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06.06.2016 - Kyrre Dahl- Follow on Facebook

Leipzig is one of the most interesting cities in Germany, still beeing rehabilitated. This time I checked out the Southern Central District, which has a hip reputation.

South Central or Sudvorstadt in German is a neighbourhood that is just outside the city centre proper but it still feels like a different city. After the fall of the wall this area was run down but is now packed with trendy bars, shops and restaurants among some fascinating buildings.

Lostinleipzig.com says this about the neighbourhood: "Sudvorstadt was the first area to gentrify after reunification and now has a very busy and urban feel to it. Several years ago the area was populated by artists and students and had an edgy and bohemian vibe, but much development has occurred in recent years."

There is not that many big attractions in South Leipzig, this is more an area for zipping coffee and peoplewatching. There are a number of exotic restaurants and boutiques in Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse, which also sees trams going up and down every few minutes.

The first time I went here the whole street was packed with people, but that was apparently a market day of some sort. Other days the atmosphere is much more lowkey, although I don`t know how much people there are here at night. Couting all the bars and lounges I guess it is quite busy at the weekend.

I was of course heading for what was supposed to be the best ice cream cafe in the area. Eidsdiele Pfeifer is located just one block away from the main street and has a really nice retro feel. It looks like it has been her since the seventies.

And the ice cream was very good indeed. They serve both in cups and waffles for takeaway and the price is on the cheap side, 1 euro pr scoop. I wanted to try something a bit more dramatic and went for a pfirsich becher, peach cup, with lots of peaches, cream and 3 scoops of my choice of ice cream.

I like this place, the atmosphere is good and they have seats both inside and outside. There was a steady flow of patrons and I can understand why. Maybe not 5 star gourmet ice cream, but a good 4 star experience. Meaning, if you are in this neighbourhood you should try it.

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